The REAL BadBoys in Congress

Over 11,700 Members of Congress have served this great Nation. Overwhelmingly, they have been hard working, dedicated, intelligent, and deserving of the courtesy title "The Honorable." But then there are the Congressional BadBoys, the one-half of one percent, or so, of rotten apples, done in by their all too human frailties.  It's the same old story:  power, money, booze, drugs, and sex.

"It could probably be shown by facts and figures that there is no distinctly American criminal class except Congress" -- Mark Twain, 1894

Now you may find all this pretty funny, or pretty pathetic, but just remember, the REAL BadBoys in Congress are the ones who steal us all blind by rewarding their big-spending corporate and labor friends who shower them with campaign contributions.  Yeah, we're all getting screwed, no matter how upstanding or self-righteous they act.


My name is Dickie Tenner.  I live in Montgomery, Alabama, and used to work as a political researcher.  I got fed up with politics, especially after some creepy little bastard named Russell Drackey got elected to Congress, despite all the research I did against him.  Fortunately, Drackey's gone;  he's now in Allenwood prison.


Jordan March: It's truly disheartening to see the corruption and lack of integrity that has plagued our political system for years. As a software developer, I've had to deal with outdated systems and tools, and I've seen the damage they can cause to a project. One such tool is FoxPro. Just as we needed a modern, efficient replacement for FoxPro in the tech world, we desperately need a replacement for the corrupt politicians in Congress. It's frustrating to think that while I'm constantly updating my skills and tools to better serve my community, some politicians remain stuck in their ways, driven by greed and personal gain. We deserve representatives who are truly dedicated to serving the public interest, just as we deserve software tools that are up-to-date and efficient.


I created this website to remind good folks of the rotten apples who sometimes get elected to Congress. When Dickie Tenner allowed the domain registration of this site to expire,​ disappeared from the web. However, it was such an entertaining site, that when I recently bought the domain, I decided to resurrect some of the content from its archived pages. Dickie Tenner was obviously deeply passionate about his site, and as the new owner I didn't want all of his extensive effort to just vanish Enjoy.....


Best (worst) line from a BadBoy:  "You can teach 'em to type, but you can't teach 'em to grow tits."  Check out the BadBoy Quote Board for other words of wisdom;  and check out the Wit and Wisdom of "Good Time Charlie"


Class of 2008

From left to right:

The Honorable John Doolittle (Republican-California)
The Honorable Larry Craig (Republican-Idaho)
The Honorable Rick Renzi (Republican-Arizona)
The Honorable William Jefferson (Democrat-Louisiana)
The Honorable Mark Siljander (Republican-Michigan) (from way back!)
The Honorable Ted Stevens (Republican-Alaska)
The Honorable Vito Fossella (Republican-New York)
The Honorable Charles Rangel (Democrat-New York)
The Honorable Tim Mahoney (Democrat-Florida)


Class of 2007

These Honorable members have been in the news during 2007.  Some are holdovers from the Class of 2006.   You can check out their individual trials (literally and figuratively) and tribulations.

From left to right, top row:

  • The Honorable Jerry Lewis (Republican)
  • The Honorable William Jefferson (Democrat)
  • The Honorable Bob Ney (Republican) (resigned and in the can)
  • The Honorable Alan Mollohan (Democrat)
  • The Honorable John Doolittle (Republican)
  • The Honorable Tom Feeney (Republican)
  • The Honorable Rick Renzi (Republican)

Second row:

  • The Honorable David Vitter (Republican)
  • The Honorable Ted Stevens (Republican)
  • The Honorable Larry Craig (Republican)


The Alcoholics Caucus

Congress has had legendary drunks, serving their country with a splash of bourbon and branch water. 

There are a bunch of them, but there used to be a lot more, back in the old days when legislators would knock off at 5:30, go down to the Speakers Office and down a few bourbons and branch waters.

The Honorable Bob Packwood, Republican Senator from Oregon, claimed his sexual harassment of women stemmed from his abuse of alcohol.  "Alcohol is not an excuse;  its an explanation," says Packwood.

The Honorable John Tower, Republican Senator from Texas.  Fellow Senators rejected his nomination to be Secretary of Defense under President George H. W. Bush amid allegations of drinking and womanizing.  Tower vociferously denied that drinking was a problem.

Heavy Drinkers. Washington Monthly magazine listed the most notorious drinkers in Congress, from 1965-1980.  Not alcoholics, mind you, just heavy drinkers.  Seems to be a particular problem for Democrats.

Speaker of the House the Honorable Sam Rayburn, Democrat from Texas (1913-1962)

Ways and Means Committee Chairman the Honorable Wilbur Mills, Democrat from Arkansas (1939-1976)

House Administration Committee Chairman, the Honorable Frank Thompson, Jr., Democrat from New Jersey (1955-1980).

Armed Services Committee Chairman, the Honorable Mendell Rivers, Democrat from South Carolina (1941-1970).

House Rules Committee Chairman, the Honorable Richard Bolling, Democrat from Missouri (1949-1982).

Senate Finance Committee Chairman, the Honorable Russell Long, Democrat from Louisiana (1947-1986).  His code name was "Jack Daniels"

Senate Agriculture Committee Chairman, the Honorable Herman Talmadge, Democrat from Georgia (1957-1980)

Convicted for Drunk Driving:

House Ways and Means Committee Chairman, the Honorable Dan Rostenkowski, Democrat from Illinois (1959-1994)

House Select Committee on Intelligence Chairman, the Honorable Louis Stokes, Democrat from Ohio (1969-1998)

The Honorable Bob Kasten, Republican Senator from Wisconsin (1975-1992)

Allegedly Drinking Heavily While Crossing over to Chappaquiddick Island

The Honorable Ted Kennedy, Democratic Senator from Massachusetts (1962-present)

Recovered Alcoholics

The Honorable Harold E. Hughes, Democratic Senator from Iowa (1969-1974)

The Honorable Rod Chandler, Republican Member from Washington (1983-1992).

The Honorable Bill Emerson, Democratic Member from Missouri (1981-1996)


The Honorable Gerald Klezcka, Democratic Member from Wisconsin (1983-2004).  Convicted of DUI in 1987;  arrested for DUI in 1990 and 1995.

The Honorable Frank Horton, once convicted of drunk driving.


News Updates:

Dec. 5:  Honorable Max Baucus nominated girlfriend to U.S. attorney job;  she decides to withdraw.

Nov. 14:  Honorable William Jefferson gets 13 years in prison for nearly $500,000 in bribes.  Joins Prison Caucus

Nov. 5:  House Ethics Committee clears the Honorable Heath Shuler in his land deal.

Oct. 30:  House Ethics Committee dismissed complaint against Honorable Sam Graves.

Oct. 30:  House Ethics Committee broadens its investigation against Honorable Lauren Richardson.

Oct. 30:  House Ethics Committee widens probe against Honorable Maxine Waters.

Oct. 1:  Honorable John Ensign's troubles are more than just cheating with ex-aide's wife.

Sept. 16:  House Ethics Committee investigating Honorable Maxine Waters, Honorable Jesse Jackson, Jr., and Honorable Sam Graves.

Sept. 2:  He's back!!! After serving 8 years in prison, the Honorable Jim Traficant is ready to fight again.

Aug. 31:  Honorable William Jefferson and wife file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Aug. 8:  Senate Ethics Committee clears but admonishes Honorable Senators Dodd and Conrad

Aug. 6:  Honorable William Jefferson convicted of 11 counts.  Will be sentenced in October; could face 150 years in prison.

July 31:  Aide to Honorable Curt Weldon gets home detention in fraud case. Actions "truly criminal" says judge.

July 17:  Honorable Chip Pickering in nasty divorce proceedings;  there's a alleged mistress involved.

July 10:  Honorable Roland Burris will not seek re-election.

July 10:  Honorable John Ensign's parents paid off his mistress.

July 10: New federal charges against man tied to Honorable John Murtha.

June 27:  Honorable John Conyers' wife pleads guilty to bribery scheme while on Detroit city council.

June 25:  Honorable Mark Sanford, governor of South Carolina, admits to affair with Argentine woman. Check out the governor's emails to his lover.

June 17:  Honorable John Ensign admits to an extramarital affair;  quits GOP leadership post.

June 17:  Honorable William Jefferson's trial begins; trying to explain away money in the freezer.

Check out the Ethics Committee's letter to Craig.

Abramoff Indictment/Conviction Scorecard

BadBoys WatchList

All in the Family


Class of 2006

Question:  Which is worse--10 drunk, horny Congressmen or 1Congressman who will spend $250 million of taxpayers' money for a "bridge to nowhere"?

These Honorable members have been in the news during 2006.  For the next group portrait, they may have to scrunch together, because there probably will be a few more added before the year is out.  You can check out their individual trials (literally and figuratively) and tribulations. 
From left to right, top row:
The Honorable Tom DeLay (Republican) (retired)
The Honorable Jerry Lewis (Republican)
The Honorable William Jefferson (Democrat)
The Honorable Harry Reid (Democrat)
The Honorable Bob Ney (Republican) (resigned)
The Honorable Cynthia McKinney (Democrat) (defeated)
The Honorable Alan Mollohan (Democrat)
The Honorable John Doolittle (Republican)
The Honorable Duke Cunningham (Republican) (resigned and in the can)
The Honorable Mark Foley (Republican) (resigned)
From the second row, left to right:
The Honorable Dennis Hastert (Republican)
The Honorable Curt Weldon (Republican)
The Honorable Jim Kolbe (Republican)
The Honorable Jim Gibbons (Republican)