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Allen T. Howe

Democrat, Utah (1975-1976)

Allen T. Howe, 48, father of four, was charged with misdemeanor charges of "soliciting sex acts for hire" after he allegedly propositioned a policewoman who was posing as a prostitute. 

Howe insisted that he was a "victim of a setup or trap by vindictive and politically motivated people who wanted to sabotage my re-election or ruin me personally."  (Click here for other examples of "Lyin' Through Their Teeth").

In July 1976, a four-person jury found Howe guilty of attempting to purchase sexual favors from two undercover policewomen.  The judge gave Howe 30 days in jail, suspended upon the payment of a $150 fine

From the police report:  Here's the transcript of the conversation between the undercover police officer (SHE) and Howe (HE):

HE:  "Hi, honey, what are you doing?"

SHE:  "Not much, what are you doing?"  

HE:  "Just looking for some fun."

SHE:  "Like what?"  [HE then describes what he's looking for]

SHE:  "O.K. How much do you want to spend?"

HE:  "It depends on what I get."

SHE:  "Anything you want."

HE: "O.K. Sounds good."

SHE:  "How much is it worth to you?" 

HE:  "I usually go about $20."  (Twenty dollars??)

Undeterred, Howe said he'd seek another term in Congress. In Mormon Utah. 

Howe also admitted that he had been ex-communicated by the Mormon Church twenty-five years earlier for getting a girl pregnant while he was on a religious training mission.

The Honorable Joe D., Waggoner, Jr. (Democrat-Louisiana, 1961-1979) had similar problems:  he was arrested and released on charges of soliciting a police decoy posing as a prostitute.  

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