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The House Banking Scandal


As scandals go, it wasn't that big of a deal.  But it infuriated people back home and caused a firestorm in Washington.  Members of Congress, once again, were playing by different rules than regular people.  If they needed extra money, all they had to do was go to the House "bank" and over draw their accounts.  At least 355 members (out of 435) had overdrawn their accounts;  and about 110 had 'fessed up to it. 

The first Honorable Member indicted because of investigations stemming from the Banking Scandal was Mary Rose Oakar; then came Carl (Chris) Perkins, and Carroll Hubbard.

Here's a list of the 22 worst, as identified by the House Ethics Committee:

Tommy Robinson (Republican-Arkansas) 996 checks/16 months overdue

Robert Mrazek (Democrat-New York)  920/23

Robert Davis (Republican-Michigan)  878/13 ($350,000)

Doug Walgren (Democrat-Pennsylvania)  858/16

Charles Hatcher (Democrat-Georgia)  819/35 ($273,000)

Stephen Solarz (Democrat-New York)  743/30

Charles Hayes (Democrat-Illinois)  716/15

Ronald Coleman (Democrat-Texas)  673/23 ($275,848)

Carl C. Perkins (Democrat-Kentucky)  514/14

Bill Alexander (Democrat-Arkansas) 487/18

William Goodling (Republican-Pennsylvania)  430/9

Edolphus Towns (Democrat-New York)  408/18

Edward Feighan (Democrat-Ohio)  397/8

Harold Ford (Democrat-Tennessee)  388/31 ($552,447)

Mickey Edwards (Republican-Ohio)  386/13  ($54,000)

William Clay (Democrat-Missouri)  328/9

Tony Coelho (Democrat-California)  316/12

John Conyers (Democrat-Michigan)  273/9

Mary Rose Oakar (Democrat-Ohio)  213/18

Joseph Early (Democrat-Massachusetts)  124/13

Doug Bosco (Democrat-California)  124/13

Jim Bates (Democrat-California)  89/9

Democrats win:  18 - 4


Fall out from the Banking Scandal:


Left Congress

Bill Alexander (Democrat-Arkansas)

Albert Bustamante (Democrat-Texas)

Robert W. Davis (Democrat-Michigan)

Edward F. Feighan (Democrat-Ohio)

Charles Hatcher (Democrat-Georgia)

Charles A. Hayes (Democrat-Illinois)

Carroll Hubbard, Jr. (Democrat-Kentucky)

Bill Lowery (Republican-California)

Nicholas Mavroules (Democrat-Massachusetts)

Mary Rose Oakar (Democrat-Ohio)

Carl C. Perkins (Democrat-Kentucky)

Gus Savage (Democrat-Illinois)

Lawrence J. Smith (Democrat-Florida)

Stephen J. Solarz (Democrat-New York)

Source:  "The 22 Worst," USA Today, April 17, 1992;  David Johnston, "Investigator Finds Evidence of Crimes in House Bank Use," New York Times, Dec. 17, 1992, A1.