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Enid Greene Waldholtz

Republican, Utah (1995-1996)

The Honorable Enid Greene Waldholtz, hotshot conservative lawmaker from Utah, saw her congressional career go up in flames in 1996 when she was running for re-election.  Thanks to her then-husband Joe.

Joe Waldholtz allegedly fleeced about $4 million from Enid's parents.  He then illegally funneled $1.8 million into Enid's 1994 campaign for the House.  Joe pleaded guilty to charges of tax, bank, and campaign fraud, and became a guest of the Allenwood Federal Prison Camp in Pennsylvania for 37 months. 

Joe was weepy-eyed, admitted his guilt, and asked for forgiveness from his daughter, the people of Utah, and even Enid's opponent. But no apologies for Enid.  "My former wife," he said sharply to a reporter, "I have none."  Ouch.  Not very nice for a guy who screwed up his wife's political career. 

But Enid doesn't get off the hook that easily.  Was it just blind love and trust in your 310-pound husband?  Her former campaign aides feel they were exploited.  "Utterly absent from her public comments was any responsibility, any willingness to share the blame," says David Harmer, her former chief of staff.  "Maybe humility is the first casualty of ambition."

KayLin Loveland resigned in the middle of the 1994 campaign after attempting to warn Enid that Joe was kiting checks;  according to Loveland, Green "chose not to look" at the campaign irregularities.  "She's painted herself as a victim.  She can't be the tough Enid anymore."

Enid gets the last word:  "Of course, I should have known better.  So should the banks and other people.  I wasn't the only one who got conned.  Call me stupid, but anyone who thinks I was malicious doesn't understand."

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