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Donna Rice has gone from media sensation who was caught with presidential candidate Gary Hart in 1987 to prim, conservative anti-pornography advocate, called Donna Rice Hughes. 

After Gary Hart and "Monkey Business," she briefly became spokesperson for "No Excuses" jeans and then went "underground" for seven years.  She had been a Bible-reading Christian, biology major at the University of South Carolina, Phi Beta Kappa, head cheerleader, pharmaceutical sales rep, model, actress with small parts on "Dallas" and "Miami Vice."  She turned down a $1 million offer for a Playboy interview (without nude photos).

She learned about "Enough is Enough," an organization that fights pornography on the Internet.  She helped Sen. James Exon and his 1996 Communications Decency Act, and when that act was ruled unconstitutional, she was instrumental in helping frame the Child Online Protection Act.  

Donna stated that she had given over 200 interviews about concerning her anti-pornography efforts before someone recognized her and "outed" her.  "No one recognized me without my red bathing suit," she said with a giggle.  

We will leave her alone.



Source: Jon Swartz, "Donna Rice Says No Excuses for Net Porn," San Francisco Chronicle, Nov. 9, 1998, B1. 

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