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News Updates:

July 30: Honorable Maxine Waters faces ethics charges.

July 29:  House Ethics Committee comes up with 13 charges against Rangel.  Read 'em here.

July 22:  Ethics subcommittee charges Honorable Charles Rangel

July 19:  Former member of Congress Scott McInnis in trouble with plagiarism charges.

May 18: Honorable Mark Souder resigns;  admits having an affair with staffer.

Mar. 5:  Honorable Eric Massa resigns amid sexual harassment charges.

Mar. 3:  Honorable Charles Rangel takes a "leave of absence" from chairmanship in face of mounting pressure.

Feb. 27:  Ethics Committee clears 7 lawmakers on earmarks grants

Feb. 26:  Ethics Committee says Honorable Charles Rangel should have known better.

Jan. 22:  Go figure! Honorable John Edwards confesses to fathering Rielle's baby.

Jan. 19:  Ensign affair:  Justice Department and FBI have begun preliminary criminal investigation

Dec. 5:  Honorable Max Baucus nominated girlfriend to U.S. attorney job;  she decides to withdraw.

Nov. 14:  Honorable William Jefferson gets 13 years in prison for nearly $500,000 in bribes.  Joins Prison Caucus

Nov. 5:  House Ethics Committee clears the Honorable Heath Shuler in his land deal.

Oct. 30:  House Ethics Committee dismissed complaint against Honorable Sam Graves.

Oct. 30:  House Ethics Committee broadens its investigation against Honorable Lauren Richardson.

Oct. 30:  House Ethics Committee widens probe against Honorable Maxine Waters.

Oct. 1:  Honorable John Ensign's troubles are more than just cheating with ex-aide's wife.

Sept. 16:  House Ethics Committee investigating Honorable Maxine Waters, Honorable Jesse Jackson, Jr., and Honorable Sam Graves

Sept. 2:  He's back!!! After serving 8 years in prison, the Honorable Jim Traficant is ready to fight again.

Aug. 31:  Honorable William Jefferson and wife file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Aug. 8:  Senate Ethics Committee clears but admonishes Honorable Senators Dodd and Conrad


Check out the Ethics Committee's letter to Craig.

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Here's a run-down of some of our more recent BadBoys (and a couple of BadGirls, as well). Most of the BadBoys mentioned here are from 1975 to the present, with a few earlier characters thrown in for good measure.

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"It could probably be shown by facts and figures that there is no distinctly American criminal class except Congress" -- Mark Twain, 1894


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Over 11,700 Members of Congress have served this great Nation. Overwhelmingly, they have been hard working, dedicated, intelligent, and deserving of the courtesy title "The Honorable." But then there are the Congressional BadBoys, the one-half of one percent, or so, of rotten apples, done in by their all too human frailties.  It's the same old story:  power, money, booze, drugs, and sex. 


What's Congress doing about these scandals?

Meet your House Ethics Committee and Senate Ethics Committee


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Now you may find all this pretty funny, or pretty pathetic, but just remember, the REAL BadBoys in Congress are the ones who steal us all blind by rewarding their big-spending corporate and labor friends who shower them with campaign contributions.  Yeah, we're all getting screwed, no matter how upstanding or self-righteous they act.

Sexual Hijinks

2008 absolute worst weasel excuse for cheating-- John Edwards:  "First of all, it happened during a period after [his wife Elizabeth] was in remission from cancer, that's no excuse in any possible way for what happened."  Shame on you, John. Read the ABC TV transcript from interview with Bob Woodruff.


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Congress has had legendary drunks, serving their country with a splash of bourbon and branch water.  Click here for a few of the members of the Alcoholics Caucus.


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Bad enough getting thrown into jail once, but how about twice?  Click here to check them out.

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Question:  Which is worse--10 drunk, horny Congressmen or 1Congressman who will spend $250 million of taxpayers' money for a "bridge to nowhere"?

God, is this what we've come to?  The Hammer gettin' it on. The Honorable Tom DeLay of Texas packed it in, left office in June 2006.  "Given the chance to do it all again . . . I'd fight even harder."  Tom's had some rough spots in recent years.  Click here for a summary of Tom's run-ins with the Ethics Committee, Texas justice, the liberal media, and one of his "dearest and closest friends" [see picture below]. He's done making a fool of himself on "Dancing with the Stars."  What's next Big Guy?

Jack Abramoff cops a plea (or two) . . . Let the games begin! 

Who's having some sleepless nights?  Potential BadBoys  

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Duke Cunningham 

Click here for more on Duke. All-time champion congressional bribe taker.

He and Bob Ney are the newest members of the Prison Caucus


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The Guy behind this Site: 

My name is Dickie Tenner.  I live in Montgomery, Alabama, and used to work as a political researcher.  I got fed up with politics, especially after some creepy little bastard named Russell Drackey got elected to Congress, despite all the research I did against him.  Fortunately, Drackey's gone;  he's now in Allenwood prison. 

I created this website to remind good folks of the rotten apples who sometimes get elected to Congress.

Who are these guys on the masthead?  From left to right: Wilbur Mills (D-Arkansas); James Traficant (D-Ohio);  Bill Janklow (R-South Dakota);  Wayne Hays (D-Ohio);  and Dan Rostenkowski (D-Illinois) 


Second row:  Larry Craig (R-Idaho); Mark Foley (R-Florida); Bill Jefferson (D-Louisiana); Bob Ney (R-Ohio);  David Vitter (R-Louisiana);  Ted Stevens (R-Alaska);  Tom DeLay (R-Texas);  John Doolittle (R-Calif.); Duke Cunningham (R-Calif.);  and Rick Renzi (R-Ariz.) 

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